Monday, August 18, 2008


There was no work today. So I'll just move straight to the fun part. Some of my friends and I got into an exclusive party at Club Bud. It felt like a red carpet event without much of the media because some were inside. Certain accreditation passes meant a ticket for the "Water Party." Otherwise your name had to be on the list. That list included most notably the athletes who were done competing and wanted to celebrate. It was a water party, therefore most of the athletes there were the swimmers and rowers who have already finished their events, along with a few others who are done. (No, I didn't see Phelps.) 

One guy my friends and I spoke with for a while was Christian Cantwell, the men's shot put silver medalist. He talked with the girls while I mostly chatted with his agent, who also happens to represent Joey Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He said he once went to a Steelers black and gold bar in Boston but couldn't remember where exactly. I'd like to find out about that. (I'm a Pats fan first, but also like the Steelers.) Michael Johnson's former agent was around there too. Another random notable I spotted at the party was Evander Holyfield. So that was cool. We'll definitely try to go back there again. 

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Anonymous said...

Dude I saw pictures for this event online! It looked fun! Next time you run into Phelps give him my digits! I am glad you are having fun :)